Why This Blog?

Hello there and welcome!! This blog has been in the making for years…literally.I finally put pen to paper (more like put fingers to the keyboard 🙂 ) to share my experiences and thoughts from years of experience working in IT.

I’m a Network Engineer by profession and as i grow in my career i realize that there is a lot of guidance needed for those new to the field of Networking and ICT in general. That’s the reason for this blog; to offer guidance, share my opinions, rant and rave once in a while and to encourage more people to enter into Computer Networking.

Why The Network Ananse? “Ananse” in one of the local languages in my country refers to the spider or the spider web, and the world of IT can be likened to that. A Web!! Think of the World Wide Web…a network of networks,interconnections spanning regions,countries, continents,industries,businesses,institutions and what is going to become a reality in a couple of years…The Internet of Things.

So there you have it. I hope to be posting regularly, at least once a week if i can get approval from my editor/proofreader who will stop at nothing to ensure that what comes on here is palatable;-)
I hope you will enjoy reading as much as i will love pushing out the content here. Your feedback is most welcome and sought after.


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